About Us

is really about our franchisees


It’s At The Core Of Our Why

We find purpose in changing the lives of others. We’ve done it ourselves and we know firsthand the benefits of doing so. This is why we make it our mission to pay it forward. It gives us joy to see a member become fit and live a life they didn’t think possible. The same goes for our franchisees. When we see a RockBox Fitness owner succeed and thrive from creating the same changes, we can’t help but grin from ear-to-ear.

We’ve built our studio model around three things:

Not just the body, but the mind. Someone can become fit by running every day, but we like to think that when you change up your routine, you train the body and excite the mind too. This is why our studios combine boxing, functional, and agility exercises to make our classes infintitely changeable.

Our founders have a deep love of boxing, and the data shows boxers are the most well conditioned athletes in the world. Hence the reason for our core workout being built around boxing. They know (from experience) the discipline, the diet, and obviously the workouts created from the world of boxing have what it takes to create ultimate fitness.

Our mission is to help others succeed. We wrap hands and teach proper form. We encourage one more rep. We will assist the last two feet of a sled push. We will play high-energy music to make sure it’s a good time. And, we will high-five anyone who gets it done.

Do these values match yours?


Here’s an example of Your day as a rkbx owner

As Written By A Rkbx Owner

Wake up and jump in the shower and think about the seven classes we have today. Four of the seven are booked full and the spirit in the studio has just been fire lately.

Quick check of our latest social media posts. We got great response from posting the weight loss results two of our members have had over the last six weeks. So cool to see people change their lives.

OK, off to the studio to catch members as they are finishing a class and walking out at 7:15am – ready to crush the rest of their day too. It is amazing how positive members are about their workout, the studio, and the trainers. It makes me feel like I am making a difference in the world.

Quick 15-minute daily huddle meeting with my GM, lead trainer, and sales and retention manager. We go over sales stats, prospects coming in today for their first class, along with this month’s member event (we sponsored a local charity that provides food for children who only get a decent meal with their free lunch at school). It is nice to see our studio and membership community come together to do good things. Our sales are exceeding goals, and I know we can still improve our referral program even more. There is so much potential with this business. I have assigned that task to my GM and she will be implementing RockBox’ suggested member referral program within 48 hours and measuring our results. There are always things we can do to improve and that makes it such a fun and dynamic business.

I personally take the 9:30am class to get my sweat on for the day and further interact with members. They love seeing me and the staff workout along side them. There is never a workout I do where four or five members comment on how much they like it when trainers and staff workout along side them. Today was a tough one, but just like the members, I always feel like a million bucks afterwards and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

I help our front desk person, who is training, on a little paperwork to complete a new 12-month membership agreement for a woman who is joining after her first class. That is the first of the four new members we have as a goal for the day. Three more to go! We build our business day after day which creates a rock solid foundation.

I head to a local sandwich shop to grab a bite and do a little work on my laptop. Corporate taught me how to effectively place FaceBook and Instagram ads and I am getting 30 leads a day from the campaigns. The ROI is outstanding, but since it is a competitive market, I ask my sales manager to follow up within two hours of each lead being generated and schedule the prospective member for their trial class so they can experience RockBox first hand. Seven new people trying classes today. Maybe all seven will join as members?! Four is our mimimum goal.

I head home to shower and change and meet the kids afterschool. A little family time and then back to the studio for the two evening classes and a group sales appointment. I am super confident in my sales presentation skills because corporate really trained me well and I can answer any objection to help people truly understand the value this studio can bring into their life. More importantly, it has allowed me to train my staff to be excellent at membership conversion as well. My sales manager has been signing up members at an even faster rate and our studio is growing by double digits every month.

I help at the front desk to get members checked in for class, answer nutrition questions, and most importantly show them how much they are appreciated and valued. Then I watch in awe as our instructor for the evening takes the class through a rigorous but fun and exciting workout. The lights are changing colors, the music is on point and then I get that same realization….this is the coolest business in the world! I love this!

The instructor and assistant trainer clean up the studio and we sign up five more new members after the sales presentation on the studio and our program benefits. That is six new members for today alone (two more than our daily goal)! I tell my team afterwards what a great job they did but also share feedback regarding the use of each member’s name at least twice each during class. I want my instructors to really embrace that practice. Those small, yet very important touches make a lot of difference and let our members know we see them and care.

I head home, a little tired, but in time to help the kids with their Homework and tuck them in and then share some quality time with my wife. I reflect on what a great Tuesday it was, and that Wednesday promises to be even better.  There is sooooo much to do and so many possibilities and ways we can help people get their health, confidence, and mojo back at RockBox. I’m sleepy, but my mind is racing with possibilities. I can’t wait to get up and put some of these ideas to work.

Sound like the life for you?