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I don’t know much about running
A fitness business. How will you help?

You don’t need a background in fitness or boxing. Most RockBox Fitness franchisees have no fitness industry experience. They are passionate about health and fitness, have good business acumen and can execute relentlessly on a defined plan. We seek out franchisees who possess a strong work ethic and drive to succeed, solid character, professional demeanor, discipline, and a genuine and authentic desire to help people. Rockbox’ classroom training, customized remote web-learning, plus supervised OTJ training pre- and post-launch at the franchisee’s location prepares each franchisee to launch aggressively and quickly scale the business.

Will you train me to train others?

We offer a comprehensive corporate training program (one week in Charlotte, NC), in addition to training onsite at your studio, and ongoing education with our digital learning platform RockBox University.

Do you charge for Training?

Of course not. Our goal is to make you the best you can be. However, you will have to pay your own travel expenses.

Will you help me get members?

Yes! This is what separates us from our competitors! We are intimately involved in your LOCAL market implementing a proven marketing and sales campaign.

Do you grant exclusive territories?

Absolutely! Each RockBox Fitness franchisee is granted a geographic exclusive territory.

Can i own more than one franchise?

Yes, for the right operator/investor, we offer Multi-Unit Development Agreements.

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