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Along with a great attitude, a passion for fitness, and a stellar work ethic here’s what you’ll need to get started with RockBox:







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The INITIAL investment:

The initial cost to open your RockBox studio will range anywhere from: 

$243,993 to $463,900

Your exact investment will depend on your location, build out needed, available incentives from your landlord, and the size of your studio.

Multiple Revenue Streams

RockBox was built with franchising in mind. From customer acquisition to multiple revenue streams, it’s all structured to maximize your studio. How much can you make owning a fitness franchise like RockBox? That is ultimately up to you!

if you have the desire, we have the model.

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Let's Talk Numbers.

When you receive and review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), you’ll be able to review our company’s audited financial statements, and also be able to evaluate our corporate store performance as well as franchisee location performance. The numbers are stellar and industry-leading, especially for this level of investment.

Sounds too good to be true? RockBox gets people spending in more ways than one. We make it possible for owners to collect revenue from multiple sources.

Once you have completed our application we will be able to discuss exactly what we mean!

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Apparel and Gear

RockBox is a more than a brand name; it’s a way of life. Our members are committed to their health and fitness routines, and our apparel is just one more way to remind themselves of that promise. From shirts to hats to sweats, our workout gear is as durable as it is comfortable, but as importantly, it trumpets our brand in the local community and creates a revenue stream for our franchisees. In addition to apparel, you will offer a full line of custom logoed boxing gloves, hand wraps, duffel bags, etc. The vast majority of our members purchase our gear and wear it with pride.

Supplement Line

Our members are looking to build their muscles and balance their nutrition. Our proprietary supplement line gives them an easy way to stick to their dietary goals, so they have the strength they need to power through their workout, and energy to spare for their family and friends. Our supplements are top of the line, manufactured in an FDA inspected and approved facility, and increase members’ commitment to their fitness routine and share of wallet to the business.

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internal promotions

As your clients grow in confidence and stamina, they’re going to start looking for the next mountain to climb. We provide fitness and weight loss challenges and promotions that give members a chance to test themselves. Regardless of their skill level, they’ll have the opportunity to prove themselves in exciting new ways. This is a great way to keep people coming back, year after year — because there’s always a new hurdle to clear, and you as a franchise owner earn additional income and more lifetime value from your clients.

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Multi-Unit Opportunities

Many people consider traditional gyms to have a reputation. They think that the vast majority of members sign up at the beginning of the year, fully devoted to getting in shape. By February, their attendance has slowed substantially. By June, they’ve forgotten where the gym even is. Owning multiple units can give economies of scale and RockBox is a brand experiencing hyper-growth.

Get in touch with our development team today to learn more about our Area Developer Program!

An Investment in You

Investing in a RockBox Fitness franchise is really an investment in you. Take control of your future and benefit from the support system we offer and the business plan we know works. This is more than just if you should own a kickboxing studio, but really if you should control take control of your future.

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A Loyal Following

RockBox becomes a lifestyle members embrace rather than just a place to take a class or two. Our branding and business model encourage loyalty and rewards members who promote our business to other people. When you love something, you want to share it with everyone you know. The more people you get onboard, the more you can start changing your neighborhood from the inside out.

Our Franchisees Rock!

Here Is What They Are Saying

Join The RockBox Revolution!

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