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Meet The RockBox Development Team!


Our triple-threat Development Team’s main focus is to help find the right prospective franchisees for RockBox and guide them through our “Discovery Process” to ensure they have all the tools they may need to make an informed decision to become RockBox Fitness franchise owners. 

This team is led by our Director of Franchise Development, Zac Celaya.  Zac began with RockBox Fitness as the first employee back in 2018 alongside our co-founders, Steve Halloran & Roger Martin, and CEO Jeff Dudan. In addition to leading the Development Department, his main objective is to make sure that RockBox is finding the best franchise partners to grow with. When asked which of our company values resonates with him most, his response was, ”ENERGY. Because it is contagious. When you are passionate about something you usually will have unmatched energy towards it. I want to have the highest level of energy put towards whatever I am set out to accomplish.” 

What is your favorite RockBox class combination? Water + Rest…. Round house, Round house, Superman! 

What song makes you most excited during a RockBox class? DMX

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I have played basketball inside a high-security prison in Indiana against the inmates (and no, I was not an inmate)

If you ever inquire to learn about a franchising opportunity with RockBox, the man you’ll likely speak to first is our Franchise Development Manager, Chris Foulks. Chris’ main role is to make the initial connection to individuals who are interested in franchising with RockBox, make sure they align with what RockBox looks for in a franchisee and that they have the financial capacity to do so. When asked which of our company values resonates with him most, his response was, “Energy resonates with me the most because I believe it’s essential in every part of life and can control the outcome of your day. Good energy always transfers and is always fun to be around.” 

What is your favorite RockBox class combination? I’d have to say anything involving hooks and uppercuts so probably a “hook hook, uppercut uppercut, and alternating knees”

What song makes you most excited during a RockBox class? “California Love” -Tupac & Dr Dre

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:  I like mountain goats for no reason, seafood alfredo, the KC Chiefs, love my wife and kids, and long walks on the beach.

Rounding out our Development Team is our Franchise Operations Coordinator, Kierstin Lothe.  In addition to providing support to Zac and Chris, Kierstin is mainly responsible for managing the team’s vendor relationships and digital marketing. So any ads that you see seeking RockBox owners, she is the woman behind the screen! She also coordinates our Discovery Days where prospective franchisees come out to meet the RockBox team in Huntersville, NC. When asked which of our company values resonates with her most, her response was, “SERVICE! I have a deep passion for serving others and it is reflected in many aspects of my life.”  

What is your favorite RockBox class combination? I love throwing a superman punch into any combination, I think my favorite is “Jab + Cross + Hook + Hook + step back + SUPERMAN!”

What song makes you most excited during a RockBox class? “Numb / Encore” mash-up by JAY-Z & Linkin Park

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I have an identical twin sister! I also have four fake front teeth.

To learn more about opportunities available with RockBox Fitness franchising, visit their website at or book a call with the RockBox Fitness Development Team by clicking here!

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