Let’s hit it!

First thing’s first. Contact us to start the process



We’ll Answer Every Question

After you complete a contact form we will reach out immediately. We will answer any and all questions you have about becoming part of the RockBox Fitness family.


See it for yourself

We will plan a discovery day for you to meet the management, the staff, other franchisees, and the members at one of our RockBox Fitness studios. You can observe, or even take a class to see what makes RockBox so special.


Let’s Hit It

Now that you’ve seen and experienced the awesome studios, met the team, and made the decision to change your life by changing others’, we get right to work! You’ll be introduced to your field representative who will be with you every step of the journey, including helping you with the process to find great staff. We want to preserve what makes RKBX special. It’s the people. Well, and the workout. Also, the brand. But mostly the people.

Grand opening

From location to launch

We have your back. We can help identify a location, plan the build-out, and capture an audience to make your first class a full one. We have a plan so you can hit the ground running and jumping and squatting and lifting and, of course, rocking and boxing.