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Multiple Revenue Sources in RockBox Studios


One of the most notable things about the RockBox Fitness brand is that it is not just about a single workout. While our innovative and ever-changing workouts lead the industry in both boxing and functional strength training, our members adapt to an entire lifestyle change when they join a RockBox studio. By equipping our studios to provide services far beyond our classic group fitness workouts, we allow for owners to take on multiple revenue streams that supplement overall studio revenue and earnings.


Elevate Your Workout To The Next Level

Once your members get a taste of reaching their fitness goals, they will only want to get the next leg up in their journey. That is where supplements come in. RockBox Fitness is the exclusive authorized distributor of Leverage Nutrition, a tested and trusted supplement line including multi-vitamins, protein isolates, and metabolism enhancers. No matter their fitness level, your members can find a supplement that compliments their workout routine and helps to enhance their day to day lives. 

The entire Leverage Nutrition brand is produced with the highest quality ingredients in a FDA-inspected and approved facility. You are guaranteed a competitive advantage in the booming sports supplement market, as the proprietary blends that make up each supplement  offering can not be found by consumers in rival products.  

Click here to explore the range of products currently offered by Leverage Nutrition.


Rock Your RockBox Pride Wherever You Go

The highest-quality apparel. Boxing gloves and wraps designed with performance and durability in mind. The RockBox brand, everywhere you look.

Providing both athletic and lifestyle gear for our members is just one more way to add value outside of their memberships. Inside the studio, you ensure that your members stay safe and protected with top-of-the-line equipment. Outside of the studio, members become walking advertisements for the brand and the community that you have helped build. Whether it’s a water bottle, a sweatshirt, or even a sticker on the back of a car, these product lines ensure that you stay relevant in your local community for years to come.


Real Results With Expert Support

For members that want some extra attention, you also have the opportunity to hold personal training sessions. By offering access to your expert trainers in a one-on-one or small group  setting, you can provide an elevated level of encouragement and experience to members who may want additional support outside of group classes. These sessions bring in extra revenue for your studio while promoting member retention, and also incentivize trainers to be on the top of their game during each interaction with a member or prospect.


Give Your Members The Community They Crave

One of the biggest differentiators between RockBox and its competitors is the brand’s focus on community and accountability. We believe that accountability is the glue that helps our members stick to their fitness journey and actually see results at the end of the day. 

By offering semi-annual challenges and internal programs focused around weight loss, strength-training, and community development, our members can create stronger habits that ultimately push them towards being their best. Franchise owners earn additional income during these challenges, while also initiating a deeper level of commitment from both new and long-time members, resulting in a higher overall lifetime value of each member for your studio.

If you’re interested in learning more about the enhanced revenue opportunities that come with owning a RockBox studio, schedule a call with our Franchise Development Manager, Chris, below!

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