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From Site Selection And Beyond, Our Team Will Be There To Support You Throughout The Life of your business.

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Starting any business takes a lot of time and effort. Our team of experts are by your side through all it! Whether it is finding the best location, creating the right promotional campaign, developing member retention strategies, or even member ascension plans, we provide help and guidance at every step.

Each choice you make is a building block in the foundation of a strong business which is why we’ve developed RockBox University, a comprehensive program designed to bring you up to speed as quickly as possible. We combine online training with dedicated classroom time, and pair that with hands on experience in the studios so you are prepared to crush your opening. 

From A to Z, RockBox has your back.


A solid foundation starts with a world-class approach.


In this business, location is important. We help you choose the best possible site for your studio based on everything from population size to market preference. And we don’t use a one-size-fits-all strategy either. We have formalized partnerships with national realtors and contractors who help you make the best decision for your market.


How should you structure your classes? How can you best apply our financial model to your members? Which questions should you ask during the hiring process to pinpoint the candidate’s real motivations? How should you set up your gym to maximize space? These are all serious questions that require careful consideration and planning. Our training program gives you everything you need to start making these decisions quickly.


Your team depends on you to understand their role in the organization. You can look to us for help getting that message across. Training is key to giving your team members the confidence they need when working with your members. The more comfortable your members feel, the more long-term loyalty you can build. We believe training never ends, but just gets more refined as your team gets more experience.


The right marketing campaign can generate excitement long before you ever open your doors. Whether it’s social media or print ads, we help you understand where your customers are and how they can best find you. Customer acquisition is where so many fitness franchises fail, but where RockBox excels. Marketing starts months before you open your doors so that first class is packed!

OPENING your box

A strong opening sets the tone for your members, your staff, and your business.

We have an entire program focused on launching your business that has been proven time and time again to generate a strong franchise opening. RockBox is not just a kickboxing studio franchise, it is marketing machine that drives membership and growth.


You’ll work with our team and your ‘cornerperson’ to ensure your studio is ready to go and everything is in place. Our Genesis package contains all the equipment, sound, graphics, promotional materials, and even rechargeable batteries for your headset mic. Basically, everything you need to open your studio so you can focus on driving membership and managing your staff.


Your pre-opening marketing was hot, but you’ll amp it up as you get closer to launch. We help you plan your grand opening party and generate awareness around your opening date, location, and classes. We help you keep the excitement going, so you gain momentum as you launch.


We feel that member acquisition should generate results. Yes, the lifetime value of a client is critically important, but so is cash flow, so our membership packages maximize both. We help you create a buzz that will last long after you finish sweeping up the confetti from your grand opening party.

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running the business

As you really start getting into the groove, RockBox is here to assist with everything from member ascension strategies to community outreach with complementary businesses which can fuel your growth.


You will offer the coolest apparel so members can rock the brand outside of the studio. You will sell them their gloves, wraps, towels, and other gear, all of which generate revenue and satisfy members’ needs. When members are ready to take it to the next level, you have specialized programs that cater to the 20% who want to spend disproportionately with you.


We have a formalized training program that ensures you and your team are well versed in all things RockBox and are ready for both pre-launch boot camps and long-term retention programs. Need a form ASAP, just log into RockBox University and download it. Need onsite help for pre-launch. We’re there. Opening day help. Yep, that too.


From inventory checks to new payroll regulations, there are plenty of administrative fires for owners to put out. Of course, you didn’t start a RockBox franchise to master tax codes! We help you coordinate the finer details of your accounting (according to state and local laws), so your books always add up.


You want your customers to really feel the love from your brand. They should feel inspired by RockBox and our common values. Ongoing marketing efforts don’t just shout out the latest promotion, they engage your members on a deeper level. Our campaigns ensure you always have a steady flow of leads coming to your gym from people who need your help the most. Owning a gym, especially a boutique fitness franchise, is about offering outstanding workouts and unique programs, but marketing must be a core competency for any growing brand, and we have built the machine that is plug and play for you.

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