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RockBox is a state-of-the-art group fitness studio designed to challenge you personally. However, you’re never alone. You will have the support of our professional trainers and the encouragement of your fellow RockBoxers. There’s no question you’ll feel immediately welcome. We play high-energy tunes to inspire an even higher-energy workout. And, we box. Actually, we box, kickbox, and use functional strength training to create an intense full-body, i-feel-like-champ, go-ahead-look-at-my-abs workout. And don’t worry, we hit bags, not people. We aim to bust calories, not noses.

Why Our Franchise ?


We combine boxing and high-energy group workouts to give our members a unique workout experience.


We provide support and training before and after you launch your own RockBoxers Fitness.


Our business model is structured for a franchisee to have a comfortable lifestyle with an abundance of time and money.


We provide highly-effective marketing programs for each franchisee.

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